Monday, September 12, 2016

Round-up One of our Beautiful Wild Horses of Corolla

When you see them, it's love at first sight. Spanish Mustangs. Sadly endangered. We've been blessed, thus far, even though it's early into our time here. "Why?" you ask. Well, sightings are not always a given, but it's been hotter than hell. They need to come to the water, in this type heat. The breeze cools them and helps to get rid of the flies that pester them. The photo ops are endless. We're happy.
It's hard to pick a favorite; the blacks always rank high. But the one with the flaxen mane and tail is intriguing. She looks young… maybe a yearling? It looks to be Momma she's staying close to. I don't know. But you couldn't get that color from any bottle, be assured!
Hoping for lots more equine moments in time…