Monday, September 5, 2016

Perfectly-Perfect, Lazy Labor Day Weekend

Sad but true - the unofficial end to summer is nearing a close. But with no complaints and thanks to Hurricane (or was it a tropical storm?) Hermine, we ended up with exquisite weather. Not sure who exactly suffered her effects, but beautiful Upstate New York was spared of everything except some moderate winds.
We lazed around on Saturday and Sunday. Joe caught a lunker - the biggest fish ev-ah from Golden Pond. Poor think became finner, last night. You know - fish dinner.

I experimented with my guitar-chord-short nails and came up with a mix of clear and red to get them a little girlie-looking. Hmmm, didn't realize one could mix polishes as one does watercolors. I'm always up for an experiment. Speaking of which - did I mention that I'm trying to learn guitar? Emphasis on "trying." And yes, yes, watercolor painting is still on my agenda. Remember, don't judge, please!

Meanwhile, my Sweet Chloe FaceTimed me multiple times to (1) tell me she's making me a keychain from a craft as old as I am and (2) to ask for advice as to what project should be next up. She took my suggestion of writing and illustrating a Ninja Turtle book. No sooner did we discuss its parameters when I had the cover page. Ask me how much I love her and her talent, tenacity and beautiful disposition.

I'd be remiss were I not to mention the fantabulous tennis match I watched, yesterday, between Spain's  Rafa(el) Nadal and France's Lucas (silent "s") Pouille. Yep, Rafa vs. Luca. Love it and them for providing such INCREDIBLE tennis. Hated to see my guy lose a match that should have been won by both!
And then came today, when Bri, Kell, Aubs and Gav surprised us with the most relaxing afternoon visit. I'm pretty sure Aubs took the above pic, for which we thank her.
Gramps barbecued some burgers and Kell brought brownies. Gav took orders for Just Brownies, Brownie Sundaes and Coffee. We were playing (link) "JANG'S." Do you remember? Well, check out the link and be amazed by how little the kids were!!
It was the kind of day you want to capture and bottle to then enjoy over and over again. Thanks, Big and Little Kids. We love you all.
See what I mean about perfection? Giving Exuberant Thanks!!