Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bear With Me 'n' The Everly Brothers

LIFE 2004 UK

The recent surge of spring-time with its gorgeous run of days is clearly responsible for my burst of energy. And it's Derby-time in Kentucky. How fitting that it all coincides with my musical resurgence via the Everly Brothers Reunion. Yep, the DVD arrived and it is nothing short of spectacular. Mesmerizing. You remember last month's (link) post/information, right?

After watching the brothers' "Rock 'n' Roll Odyssey" segment of the concert package, I was not only further entertained, but could better understand the genetics of musical genius. It is in their make-up to play and sing. The world has been their stage, as evidenced by the impromptu performance at a Kentucky family reunion, video embedded below. Fantastic. Can you imagine? "Um, Don and Phil, would you kindly bring your guitars, when you come to our dinner party, tonight?"

I have to laugh at all the music lessons executed over a couple of generations, in our own family. My kids frustrated piano and horn teachers, as did I my accordion teacher. We've tried it all; but the fact is, we just don't have the gene. Sure, we all possess the beat of appreciation. Bri ran an exceptionally profitable deejay business for decades. We love concerts and anything good from all genres of music. We rock. We listen. We adore. But that's where it all ends. I digress. My life remains one big coincidence, with or without the ability...

After watching the 1983 concert and Odyssey with Joe, last night, I tuned into Jay, who had Steven Tyler as a guest. Jay asked ST who his musical influences were. First on the list? You've got it... The Everly Brothers. Jay responded by saying that he was in Home Depot recently, where Phil Everly approached him to shake his hand and introduce himself. Jay - "Like I don't know who Phil Everly is....," going on to say that he grew up to their music. Countless others, Neil Diamond included, have frequently mentioned the impact Don and Phil had on their own styles.

Fact is, the '83 concert could have been recorded yesterday; the music holds up, in its timelessness. Their legacies. They define Rock 'n' Roll. G-d, I'm such a teenager, at heart. Is it true that "You never get old with rock 'n' roll?" (DVD)