Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Downside Of Opulence

In our opinion, the powers that be need to put a moratorium on building, here in the (link) CurrituckOuterBanks. We cannot imagine what it would be like to visit in season. We've always come just prior to Memorial Day or post Labor Day. The one two-lane highway servicing the area is said to be jammed with cars, during the months of June, July and August. There are thousands of huge, gorgeous homes here, most available to rent. Though they fill up with multiple families in each (hundreds qualify as mini hotels), the majority of the houses stand empty for nine months of the year. Imagine that. All are maintained to perfection, with structures and grounds pristine... no easy task, when seaside. The off-road communities are beginning to grow, threatening the resident horses and the wilder beaches that we so love. For a little perspective, I refer you to the article linked above, where it is mentioned that the power lines you see in this photo only found their way here in the mid 1950's. Again... imagine that.