Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Of all the exquisite days we've experienced here, today was the finest, with its perfect temps, light breeze, brilliant sunshine and cerulean sky. How fitting, for Joe's birthday. 

While at the beach, Joe spotted a large bird of prey flying overhead, a fish in its talons. Camera, you ask? In the car. We watched it soar over the dunes and into the marshlands... way off in a distance. For the rest of the afternoon, there seemed to be two similar birds traveling out to sea, before returning inland, most likely to a nest of young. I did capture this shot, from which to do a little research. It seems that our new friends are Ospreys, otherwise known as Sea Hawks, and the only member of the hawk family to hunt in water. New to us. Nice.
Our favorite foal made another appearance today, as well. We compromised on a name for her, after rejecting each other's first choices - my Ebony and his Blackie. She has been christened Midnight. What a beauty. Maybe we'll encounter her a few more times, this week, and then again next year, when she'll be a yearling. Wouldn't that be awesome.

While hiking the shoreline, we decided on our favorite little shack-in-the-dunes. No lawn to mow. No shoes required.
Mambo liked the ocean view from a shady gazebo.
 It was a gorgeous day.