Monday, May 2, 2011

POPS * Mango Yogurt 'n' More

Another mold and another variety, to which Aubs gave a thumbs-up. With ingredients that almost always occupy our fridge, I'm finding some great combos. These are -healthy, calorie-saving, dessert-satisfying, almost a light meal-on-a-stick, and incredibly nutritious treats for all. Try them, please.

Activia Regular Peach and Chobani Plain Fat-Free Yogurt
Fresh Mango
Whipped Cream (canned light is fine)
Honey To Sweeten (optional)

Apple Juice
Fresh or Frozen Strawberries

Simplify the deal by using an immersion blender in a large measuring cup with a spout, for ease of pouring into molds. Buon Appetito.