Friday, May 27, 2011

A Ten

Upon arrival, just one look at our cottage by the sea told us that we'd landed in Shangri-la. Incorporated into an award-winning community, it was built very high on a ridge, affording it ocean or bay views, depending upon where one stands. The driveway is at about a sixty-degree angle, and the inside steps feel like a climb to Heaven. Its pristine and comfortable interior has truly felt like home, for the past ten days. We'll be looking to rent it again, G-d willing... a perfect retreat for post-beach
R 'n' R.

As I've mentioned, we are concerned about the speedy growth of the area. However, as we explored our community, we realized that construction consistently occurs around, over or adjacent to what first existed. For example, the Currituck Club's golf course is accessed by bridges and walkways, going over roads and through dense foliage, clear to the bay. We hope that the scores of other developments are rising with the same imperative consideration.

Even little ponds house wildlife. Photo ops abound. Occasionally, they are missed. Joe spotted an osprey perched in a tree, as we drove home... you'll have to imagine that image.

Then, there is the place where the sky and sea become one. Are there ever two identical days, when ocean tides are in control? Today, we accessed the sand in eighty-four-degree temps. We lamented that it was going to be "a tad too hot" by mid afternoon. Without exaggeration, in the time it took us to drive two or three miles to our "spot", a strong ocean breeze blew through and lowered the degrees to sixty-eight. It was exquisite, with brilliant sunshine and no need for an umbrella's cooling effects. 
We stayed till the tides threatened to trap us next to the dunes... ah, the emeralds and sapphires were tough to leave behind. What an incredible final day of vacation... then...

In bidding the beach the fondest of adieus, I commented that we'd seen no horses, today. As we turned the bend back onto the paved highway, I glanced back to the dunes to see one big guy.


And so it goes, and so it goes. All relaxed and tucked in for the evening, we watched the sunset from a room with a view. Once again, we'll cherish the memories we've made in the Outer Banks, ever so grateful to have been graced with a gorgeous run of days during which to commune with Nature and relax to oblivion. 
Love you, Honey.