Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dreamin' Photo 1

Here I share my kitchen window box, planted just moments ago during a great leap of faith. This is an experiment; thus the photo when barely a flower blooms... except for the orchids, that is. Therein lies the leap. 
Real Time - Just Planted
According to my research, there are a few places outdoors in which hothouse orchids should/could survive; this spot seems to qualify. We shall see. They are set in their individual pots. This will allow for emergency rescue, in the event they are threatened. The five varieties planted into the soil around them include Non-Stop Begonia, New Guinea and Variegated Impatiens, Asparagus Fern and Sweet Potato Vine. The latter two should drape over the box, if all goes as planned.
Please envision with me an abundance of lush foliage and brilliant color, soon to surround Michelle's garden angel. Hey, a girl can dream, right?