Monday, May 23, 2011

Did You CEE The Billboard Awards?

We're getting lazier by the minute, here in the OBX. Basically, this means we don't leave the beach till very late, when we're nearly comatose from being hypnotized by the sun and sea. Last night, Joe threw some delicious steaks on the grill, just in time to see the Billboard Awards, at 8:00 p.m. We were still in our beach attire. I digress.... 
He Follows Me Everywhere
Of course, y'all know my interest was in Neil Diamond, deservedly recognized as an icon in his field. Billboard has always been good to him. I could post his video, but by now, every one of his fan sites has linked it. He closed the show in grand, classy style. No surprise there, 'cause Mr. D. personifies "class". But before he left "America" with some "Sweet Caroline", we were educated a bit:

Joe recently got hooked into yet another music reality show. When watching with him one night, I asked, "Who is (judge) Cee Lo Green?" He couldn't answer. 

Well, last night, his performance with rotating piano was a highlight, for me. When he kicked off with "Crazy", I said to Joe, "I love that song; it's on my iPod, by Gnarls Barkley!" ... "Who is Gnarls Barkley?" you ask. I still can't answer that. However, quick research told me that Cee co-wrote the hit song. His antics, combined with engaging smile, won me over.

Enjoy the vid... and Google the piano trick, currently the talk of Vegas.