Saturday, May 7, 2011

To Mothers re "To Mother" - The Verb

If one thinks of mother-
ing as a job, one knows there shall never be a day off from the labor (pun intended!) of providing unconditional love, care and concern... for life, that is. Or...

If one considers it a privilege to mother, he or she knows that children are blessings and we should be thanking them for gracing our lives. Or...

Perhaps one thinks it to be strictly biological and/or gender specific, in which case only blood-related, birthing females can qualify to then mother. Or, in contrast...

Another might consider anyone with the ability to selflessly nurture another a candidate to thus mother. Ponder this:
Aw, thanks, Honey
As I think of my own selfless Mom and Grands, I recognize how blessed we've all been with opportunities to nurture; and simultaneously, I thank them. But on this Mother's Day, my heart  goes out - filled with love, affection, warmth, empathy and admiration - to five very special mothers... with very special children... who have needed very special care, for some time now. These moms are tireless champions, each redefining what it means "to mother": Cousin Ev, Niece Kim, Friends Andrea, PV and Mary Ann.
Michelle, you're incredible
Extending motherly love, bright with the hope of springtime, to all the Moms in my life... this Mother's Day and always. xo