Wednesday, May 25, 2011

IDOL Redemption??

Teen Idol?
IDOL redeemed itself with a great grand finale. Of course we watched what could have been dubbed Country Teen vs. Country Teen. Howard Stern was convinced early on that country voters would create the win. (Thanks for that info, Joe. Smile.) It was all about genre, this year. There was soooo much talent. The winner's monotone was my least favorite voice. A few sour-grape "ughs" here. That said, Congratulations, Scotty... how ironic that we watched from your home state. And thanks to IDOL for the awesome entertainment, tonight. Who could resist Bono, Tom Jones (still terrific), Lady Gaga, Marc Anthony, Steven Tyler, Gladys Knight and Jack Black, all performing during one show? Great stuff. See ya next year, I suppose.