Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life Dependent Upon Blogger?

And so my garden grows...

Yep, in light of the recent outage, I'm kind of thinkin' that blog-
ging has become addictive to many. My own compulsive checks to see if it was up and running were clearly pathetic. Then, there were the patrons who threatened employees of the venue with comments such as, "Maybe it's time to switch to Word Press. MY blog is time sensitive and this downtime is simply unacceptable. After all, there is a reader who desires my latest pizza recipe, immediately!!" 

Jeesh. Is it any wonder that I need an occasional hiatus, to remind myself that no one's life, including my own, revolves around what I have to say?? But still...

There should be some sort of honor for the status Blogger has reached, in the lives of its patrons. Maybe a hybrid plant? You know, a gorgeous day lily with an icon center. That might do. Yes, a perennial that comes back every year, multiplies in size, and can be shared amongst friends. Kinda sounds like a blog, huh?