Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Date With Han Solo

Can't believe it's been thirty years since Harrison Ford has played Han Solo in "Star Wars," but have to say that in the chapter, "The Force Awakens," he was terrific… and still cute at a whopping 73 years old. Taken for what it is, we've really enjoyed the imaginative space thriller, over the years. It remains pure genius and still offers lots of chuckles throughout, especially from Han and Chewy, who are no slouches at one-liners.
Additionally, we're huge fans of FANdango's theater improvements, having enjoyed them while vacationing. We hadn't been to the Galleria complex in Middletown in ages, though, thinking them outdated. Surprise, surprise!! Completely renovated. I nearly fell asleep in the cushy recliner - yep, even WITH all the noise the Wars bring. (I swear there was someone snoring.) People next to us were upright, enjoying the meals they'd ordered from the in-house restaurant that were placed on trays in front of them. Now, if only screen fare would improve. Come on, Hollywood, there was not one coming attraction for months to come that tempted us.

A great date. Thanks, Honey.
May The Force be with you and you and you...