Sunday, December 6, 2015

We Need Action AKA When Is Donald Trump Going To Shut Up?

Today's NY TIMES article here.

And from the LA TIMES:


Way back when our boys were little, I recall having asked their pediatrician why he didn't have two waiting rooms. You know, one for well-visit kids and one for the strep-infested, etc. He opined that all parents would claim their babes to be fine and request the well room...

Kind of analogous to Mr. Trump's suggestion that we all carry guns, thus enabling us to shoot back during an potential attack. Uh-huh. How comforting, Donald. And which guy sitting next to me in the movie theater is the good guy with the weapon? Which is the threat? Furthermore, do we sit at public functions, school or work desks with a pistol in hand… ready, just in case?

Ludicrous. A return to the Wild West. DT watched too much Lone Ranger, as a kid.