Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our Best Bud is Nine!

First Birthday Portrait
Hot off the press - Mambo at 9 by our LakeHouse tree
Just can't believe how time flies. Mambo, nine??!! Way too fast. But he's happy and we're even happier for all the joy he brings into our lives. We can count on him to stay by us, no matter where we are and when off lead. But then, trust is a two-way street. For example…

Last night, I got up from bed. It was pitch dark and unbeknownst to me, Baby was lying right next to me, all comfy on the rug and leaning on the bed frame. I swung my feet around and they landed right on his head. Did he flinch? Nooooo… he just knew that I'd work it out and he'd be safe to continue his sweet dreams.

It seems like just yesterday…
First bath in our Old Homestead's kitchen sink
True Love. 140 pounds of pure Rock Star.
A Homestead Christmas Past