Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mouths of Babes - Make our Day!!

I'm calling last night through this morning a solid "Ten!" Our Fabulous Five are so danged cute. Sure, we occasionally have all of them charming us at the same time. But mostly, they take turns in their efforts. 

Chloe, our little artist, sent us a land-mail picture, this past week with the sweetest note ever. Then, she followed it up with this texted coloring and message to me, last night:

Meanwhile, Aubs and Gav had a trial-run sleepover. We've dubbed the kids' newly renovated space downstairs as their "apartment." They love it. The concept AND the place to call their home away from home, that is. Looks like we did well! Their bathroom with its new shower, bedroom with queen-sized bed and living room received rave reviews. Gavin's comment??

"G'ma, I like our apartment more than yours!"

We think they'll be back. Joe and I are beyond pleased, our efforts rewarded with kiddie exclamations of glee and pride. I guess we're here to stay!! And so are our birds, who provided our lakeside breakfast view.