Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Kim - Make My Day! ♥

And so this is Christmas…

Kim loves the little things in life and has always held them close to her heart. I remember when Christian graduated undergrad school and she found the most amazing pic of the two of them holding hands and walking away from the photographer. She framed and gifted it to him. A precious memory. A perfect, loving gift. We share that page… the one about the little things in life...

I, too, just love the gazillion blasts from the past that become so incredibly enhanced, this time of year, even when they bring a tear or two. Besides, we know - Kim, Vicki and I - that we're connected. It's some glitch in the stars that seems to give us thoughts of each other on chosen days at specific times. It's uncanny. Bringing me to today…

Joe and I were out and about trying to bring the larder up to speed for our gang's Christmas dinner. While I waited for Joe during one errand, my phone beeped and there they were… pictures: toddler Kim and young moi and her baby cousin, many moons ago; captures of things I'd made for her when she was little, for her son, Keith, and more recently for her beautiful GrandLove, Chloe (our family's second Chloe!); and the manger I'd long forgotten having given her. Amazing. Decades covered. And generations, too.

Time flies way too quickly, wouldn't you agree? But memories… they are something else, especially when you have help holding onto them. What one forgets, the other remembers. And sure, by the time Joe got back to the car, I was in tears. But you know the type of tears. The ones reflecting warmth and appreciation and assurance that "YES!" every little thing means something to someone. 

All I know is that my life has been enriched beyond words by my Girls. We share love. We share trust. The rest is a given.

Love you, Baby… thanks for turning today into yet another special memory. And thanks to your Momma, too, for that special photo.
As for those bumpy cookies, we'll save THAT story for another day. Recipe intact.