Wednesday, December 9, 2015

On a Sad, Sad Note

One of the young men who worked for us overdosed within the last year. Age? 20-something. A nice kid. Very fussy. Aimed to please, with whatever he was doing at the particular time. I still envision him in a painting capacity, up on a ladder by the sliders, asking me and Joe if everything was to our satisfaction. It was crushing to learn that the reason he did not show up one day was because he was no longer. His family was broken-hearted, to say the least. He touched our lives.

Within the last week, two different local couples with whom we've been acquainted for decades lost their sons. Ages? 36 and 41. Both to substance abuse.

We don't know the details of which drug or the exact circumstances of each tragedy. We just know that we're hearing frightening news far too often. Such tragic losses cast a pall over all of us - they should - and even more so if we have families of our own and if we're paying attention to the never-ending threat to our Babes.

More terror. Can we guide, guard and protect our loved ones enough?

There has finally been a crackdown on the ability to buy potent pain meds in bulk, even legitimately.  For example, Cousin Gina, currently in constant agony and needing our prayers, has meds doled out a few pills at a time, causing her elderly Mom to be on the constant run to full prescriptions. Thus the rise in heroin use on the street. If dealers/users can't get a first choice, there's always something else to turn to, with no end in sight.