Wednesday, December 9, 2015

For The Birds

Every day is different, here on Golden Pond, affording us sightings of the most incredible variety of wildlife imaginable. What a thrill! This morning, as we watched our "regulars" on the feeder, in swooped two Pileated Woodpeckers.

We've never seen two at the same time. I kind of honed in on the one doing damage to a tree that stands immediately off the deck. Jeesh. Enough already. Check out his work that caused me (in an absolute "first") to open the slider and chase him.
No sooner did the woodies leave when I spotted some rather pretty ducks. Hmmm, a huge flock of a different species left for the winter, we assume, so who are these ladies 'n' gentlemen? Well, research tells me they are Buffleheads, here to stay. As is always the case in the Bird Kingdom, the males have flashy plumage, while the ladies are on the dull side. We're excited to have them hangin' in our waters and I hope to zoom in on those heads one day, in an attempt to capture the gorgeous purples  and greens.
Seems that there are eight geese here to stay, as well. We hear them honking very early in the morning. Today, they made an appearance, with this pair hovering offshore.
Mambo came out to enjoy the waterfowl aspect of my photo shoot. The black 'n' white is natural and not filtered. It's a grey day that affords the great look, especially when combined with cooperating, coordinating feathers.
Oooh-kay, back inside to see Mrs. Cardinal takes a stand perch, sharing space with a sweet little finch.

We'll take it, be it a quack, honk or peck. Lovin' our wildlife and hoping Friends of CMI are not tired of these posts.