Tuesday, December 29, 2015

And Of Course, The Weather

This was Christmas Day. It was wild. Sliders opened. Kids with no jackets. Almost balmy. RARE. So rare, that it was record-breaking and the succession of such days has left ski hills barren and garages filled to the brim with equipment that shall not be used over Christmas break. This is a first. But unless one travels out west where ALL the snow is, such is the story. Interesting, a sub-tropical holiday.
This was yesterday, the 28th of December. We enjoyed Christmas lights through a windshield being pelted with freezing rain, as we left the Big Apple. A hair-raising ride home, but the glow was spectacular.
This is today. Freezing rain here in the lower Catskills turned to snow overnight. A dusting, by our standards. But now, we must take those lounges in. I guess winter is just gonna be late.