Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Plan B - Shootin' The Rapids

Ah, the fate of many a well made plan. A nasty strep bug bit Sweet Chloe, making her quite ill, thus canceling our Minnewaska date. She's on the mend now, thank Goodness. We had Aubs and Gav for the weekend and offered them an altered trip to Minne or Plan B, a pool day. They chose the latter. So, we kicked off Saturday with some serious kayaking. It can be exhausting, and even the Grands need a break, now and again. Not to worry; they knew when to sneak a few zzzzz's. Gav resisted the sunbathing part, but when Aubs insisted, he caved, saying, "Okay; whatever you say." A trip to tiny Big Nanny's with a pizza afforded me a nice photo op to capture Gramps with the kiddies. Later, sleep came easy and fast, gearing everyone up for Sunday, Father's Day. Joe was in for a treat.
Together, the kids made nutritious pancake batter with my standard ingredients: banana, yogurt, cinnamon, egg, milk and whole wheat pancake flour. Aubs tended the stove, while Gav guarded the stairs to keep G'pa away. He also readied the tray with some Day Lilies; Mambo had fetched the Sunday paper. This prep was taken very seriously.
Finally, it was time! Yeah, that's right... Life Is Good. Sigh. G'pa deserves to be treated like the Prince that he is. He was thrilled. Our Babes were precious.
Back to the pool, for another workout. Ike and Mambo assumed their sentry positions, to guard. Ike perked up for a photo shoot, in which he assumed an erect posture that belies his age and smaller size. It was that kind of an inspiring weekend.
No happy time would be complete without spreading a little joy. Aubrey thought of an incredibly kind idea for doing so. Here's a sneak preview of her, at work. The rest of this chapter shall soon follow. 
As for our celebrant? He commented, "The kids didn't stop smiling, all weekend long!
Peace Out. xo