Thursday, June 2, 2011

Neil Diamond Fans - Wanna Bet?

Every fan needs an ND Iris
Come on... 'fess up... you know that these mutual vibes occur amongst us, all the time. Right? At the very least, you walk into the supermarket and Cracklin' Rosie greets you. Jeesh, just consider Baby Grand Gavin's birth - an early arrival, just moments before midnight on ND's birthday. Now, that was a strong one - coincidence, that is. 
So, the bet's on:

Consider this namesake Iris, ready to burst. Will it happen tomorrow, on June 3rd? Or, will it spread its proverbial wings just in the nick of time for the first show of the resumed European tour? That would be on the 4th, in Antwerp. Are y'all up for the challenge?
Excitement in Antwerp as ND arrives
Note for non-fans: Laugh all you want. We know it's difficult to comprehend. Sigh.