Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bloggin' Baldwin

Massapequa HS Yearbook '64
Must be an omen of sorts that twice in one week, for two different reasons and with separate individuals, Mr. B's name played into conversations. He's meant to make an appearance here on CMI. I've told this story gazillions of times... and... I wouldn't be surprised if I did so here. But, won't you agree that some anecdotes are worth repeating?? Rhetorical question. 
Of course, they are

Good Gene Pool
So, the story goes that Alexander R. Baldwin was my high school history teacher, some time before his gorgeous son had claimed fame. Still, he was an all-time favorite, even without the enhancement of Junior, who was eight years behind me and graduated from Berner HS, also in 'Pequa. Mr. B. was a regular guy who counted on a dynamic personality to make his point. We'll tackle other famous Massapequans on another day. Are you ready, ND, Seinfeld, Ron Kovic? 

Now, give me an M- give me an A- give me an S...