Friday, June 24, 2011

Bose Knows Best - An FYI Report

About five or six years ago, we purchased Bose sound docks for B/K and C/D, for Christmas. I remember thinking to myself, "Ah, now that's my desire." I felt like a teenager on Christmas morning, when mindreader Joe presented me with his gift. "OMG!" shrieked I,
 "How did you KNOW?"

A few months ago, Bose began burping, its cumbersome power source weak at the pins. C/D's had earlier shown similar symptoms, thus Dawn recommended a call to the company, whose replacement policy is beyond fair. The new model is portable (long battery life!), with a greatly improved power pack. Even outdoors, when set on low, undistorted sound projects seriously 
beautiful noise. Amazing.

Though price-dropping's not my thing, it's essential here to mention that the newbie sells for $400. Bose did a swap with my old model for $200. I hope this info is helpful to someone.