Sunday, June 5, 2011


Perfect Mid-Air Ball
A nice day, yesterday, kicking off in clouds with a pay-per-view choice of "Last Night", a too-true story of the temptations challenging marriage... and the easy justifications in making poor choices. Predictable, but honest. An easy summary of why the divorce rate is so high. Ah, human nature. If only the complexity of it all could be replaced by the priceless value of the family unit and the little things in life that offer true, lasting pleasure. By movie's end...

It had cleared outdoors and we had lots to tackle before Gavin arrived. He stayed for a mere few hours, during which time he devoured yogurt, watermelon, carrots, bananas, power pancakes, scrambled eggs, p-b-j 'wiches, ice cream and various drinks. He's clearly in a growing spurt, 'cause it looks like someone stretched him... he's so tall... and where is that chubby tummy? We're still laughing at how busy one can stay, just feeding a six-year-old boy. Also, in the few weeks since we've seen him...

Caught It!

He's taken up baseball, with Bri at the helm. Our Boy Grand is darned good, too! Just look at these action shots. Check out that form. G'pa was so impressed at Gav's ability to take a little instruction. Watch out Derek Jeter - there's challenge on the horizon.

"G'ma, G'ma..."
During an important pitch to Gramps, our Little Man became very excited, stopping that fierce arm mid-air, and saying, "G'ma, G'ma, look what I found - a bird's egg!" We discussed the wind that had probably knocked it from the tree and marveled at Mother Nature's Robin's Egg Blue. Then, it was back to the ball game.

Contemplating Horton
After dinner, or whatever that umpteenth meal was, we layered our day with another movie. Fantastic. We just loved Horton, his antics, his friends and his message. Sigh. Perfection. Cuddles. And more snacks.

"A person's a person, no matter how small."