Friday, June 10, 2011


It's a twofer...
wear as dress or skirt
Cute sundress, right? Had to have it, especially after it was reduced. Thing is, it wasn't a twofer, as we know one to be... you know, two similar items for the price of one. Rather, it was a case of being billed beyond twice the cost for one item. Would that be a onefer? Or fraud?

The online seller herein prefers Master Card, for payment. My bank's MC debit card was handy and thus used. Mistake #1. I inadvertently entered my street addy, rather than my billing POB. Mistake #2. This generated e-mail, requesting me to phone in corrected info. I complied.

 In reviewing my current statement, I noticed two overseas charges, made on the night I phoned the company. The legit charge for the dress was made two nights later. The transaction(s) represent the only time I used said card for an online purchase. Unleashed was a flurry of events:

1. Phone call to bank to report compromised card and initiate dispute
2. Cancellation of current card - reissue of new one, at my expense
3. Notification of fraud activity to local sheriff, who took note before steering me to the Internet Crime Center, suggesting a...
4. Phone call to online seller, alerting them of dishonesty within their ranks; no names mentioned
5. Online completion of detailed FBI form and subsequent mailing of same
6. Aggravation - what a waste of a morning