Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why Not?

Signing The Bill 
Just the other day, Mom's ex-bossfriend from A & S's (I'm talkin' forty years ago here) phoned my number, instead of hers. It seems that she and I reside next to each other, in his phone directory. We had a great chat. "I'm so glad I made the mistake," said he, in saying our good-byes. He's a great guy; and he's had one partner for over thirty years, now. Each has been successful in the business world. They share beautiful digs in the Big Apple. Through serious sickness and in health, they've been a devoted team. 
Why not?

Lookin' back even further, I can envision Dad's gardening pal on Block Boulevard, in Massapequa. Kitty and he shared many a design decision. Her partner, Carolyn, would supervise and suggest, just like Mom. Ronnie and I never heard a derogatory word uttered about them, when we were kids. They were simply Dad's friends and our neighbors. We had enough issues of our own, with the family's Jews and Catholics trying to figure out how to maintain peace... if you know what I mean (nd). No time to judge others. So... 
Why not?

Back to the future, we've had a same-sex couple as neighbors for about ten years, now. When they bought the big, neglected two-story, there was some scuttlebutt working its way around the hood. It subsided, as the house grew more beautiful, daily. They maintain another residence in the city and again, seem successful and committed. 
Why not?