Friday, June 17, 2011

Gus 'n' Gavin

First Love
So, Father's Day is almost here, again. It's time to pay tribute to our men. We are blessed with good ones. After all, family matters most. 

It saddens me that my Dad has missed so much. Thank G-d he celebrated the births of Brian and Christian, with us. But they were so little, when he died. I try my damnedest to keep his memory alive. It's tough, though, for my kids to relate, let alone my Grands, his Greats. Nonetheless, sometimes my efforts take hold.

During a sleepover, last winter, Gavin was busting me about having second choice of rooms to sleep in. Aubs put dibs in first, choosing Uncle Christian's room.
"But, Honey," said I, " this is your Daddy's room. Look at some of the things still hanging around!"
With serious contemplation, Gav checked out various items, and then asked, "Who was your Daddy, G'ma."
"My Daddy is your Great G'pa Gus, who sadly died before you were born. Thank you so much for asking, Honey."
"I'd like to see Great G'pa Gus's picture."
"Okay; in the morning I'll show you lots of pictures. He's even framed on walls, so that'll be easy."
"I want to see now, G'ma."
"No, Honey; in the morning. Sweet dreams; G-d bless;
 I love you."
"I love you, too, G'ma."
"So, you think you
can dance?" 

Need I tell you the first words tumbling from those pretty little lips, when morning rolled around? Photos and stories ensued, and an indelible memory of Great G'pa Gus was born. Moving along...
About six months later, we were celebrating Easter Sunday. I brought along a vintage treasure, by way of a handmade wooden rabbit with alabaster egg. I gave it to the children, with instructions to take good care of it. Mom was with us, of course, and I explained to them that she and their Great G'pa had given it to their Daddy when he was a tiny baby, for his first Easter. I further told them that Uncle Christian hadn't yet been born... that's how long ago it was. They listened attentively, and then, Gavin looked at me and blurted out:
"I miss Great G'pa Gus."
My heart swelled; Mom was flabbergasted. My two G-Men are bonded, after all. Actually, I can feel the bond between all of my Good Men. Happy Father's Day, Joe, Brian and Christian. I love you.