Friday, June 10, 2011

Wild Thang

When I consider all that is growing and thriving on our land, I'm truly astounded. Things we planted and subsequently pulled decades ago are still popping up, where least expected. One needs to go out each morning with a good eye, to explore the daily gifts of Mother Nature. I just adore this time of year. It's a love inherited from my parents, I'm sure. Genetics? Who's to say... but, here's a case in point...

Joe picked up Mom's wake-up call, this morning, and put her on speaker. She was all perky and happy, after a relatively tough day, yesterday. "How do you feel this morning, Marge?" "Oh, I feel good. What a beautiful day it's going to be." "Really? That's great that you feel better so quickly." "Well, I have to be grateful because, you know, everyone doesn't get to live to be 92." I chimed in at that point and told her she'd made my blog with that fantastic comment. Sweet truth.
Color Me Inspired. YAY for Mom.

And so, with inherent adoration of the day's offerings, I went outdoors and just about fell into a patch of wild Iris, currently bloomin' away. They were gifted to me many moons ago, by a friendly neighbor. In examining them, I thought it no surprise that cultivators were inspired to develop more exotic varieties, such as Lynn's. 
Gotta luv those wild thangs!