Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girl Power

Profoundly Prolific Miss, Second In
If I explained the title, you wouldn't believe me. Suffice it to say that this piece is dedicated to Tigger, with acknowledgment to our friend, ESP.

Unruly Mister Afar
Hens Spawn Chicks
Even in Tree-dom, we girls rock. Okay, cut the snickering. Instead, consider the Holly Tree. To come to fruition, sure there must be a male and a female. But it's the latter that bears the fruit. Cool, right? Ask me how I know.

Spawned directly from my parents is my love of gardening: indoors from Mom and outdoors from Dad, who wanted to transplant beloved Holly babies from Massapequa to our then-new home in 1971, here in Monti. I was afraid they'd not survive, settling for Hens 'n' Chicks and a variety of other smaller offspring, from his garden. Then, we purchased and planted young trees - two females and one male.
Tiny Green Berries Will Be Plump 'n' Red
Sure, the Mister grew to great size and girth; but the Misses flowered each Spring, green-berried each Summer, and red-berried each Fall and Winter, since.

Toddler Transplant
The girls continue to share beauty and wisdom, via strong root systems. I transplant often, to grace many corners of our property with the species. Yes! Of course I gift them, along with Dad's Chicks for ground-cover. Spread the word... we rock.
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