Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Midnight Hour

Eight-to-eleven is a lot of TV for me. Performances by Josh and J.R. were energizing. Though Joe agrees that my guy clearly has the X Factor, he is nonetheless amazed by my total infatuation with every note sung and played. What emotion! Yep, I was wired and with Joe passed out in his chair, what better to do? 

Turkey parts were on my mind, so up went a huge pot of soup. Actually, I don't recommend this. Appealing afternoon cooking aromas are lost in dreamland, where they become strong and gross. However, I was rewarded this morning, when only finishing techniques remained to be done. This batch shall have barley added, cooked separately so as not to absorb every ounce of moisture.

Also put up at the midnight hour were a couple no-knead breads for tomorrow. The dough needs many more hours to be ready for the oven; so for now, it's on to cupcakes. It's only ten-thirty a.m., but I'm workin' on seven hours of sleep. YAY! And it's pouring rain, outside. Where better to be than my warm and cozy kitchen, making the world taste better? Buon Appetito.