Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wedding White

Gran would be impressed, I'm sure, by the bountiful blizzard-blessings bestowed upon Todd and Yvonne, last Saturday. After all, she thought rain to be a good start to marital bliss - imagine the benefits of a foot of fluffy white. And so it goes, and so it goes. 
New York was hit with the deepest October accumulation since the Civil War. We experienced a harrowing drive to Queens, to get us to the church on time. All said, it will be something for the newlyweds to talk about on anniversaries; but it did not dilute the utter warmth of an otherwise glorious day.
Christian, Dawn, Hunter and Chloe were all in the wedding party. OMG! Those BabyGrands of ours were just beyond precious as ring bearer and flower girl. When they hit the dance floor at the reception, smiles ruled and our hearts overflowed.

Andrea shared beautiful sentiments in her toast to Sis, the bride. It was sweet to hear of the couple's first encounter, each decked out in operating room scrubs and masks. Eyes met... the rest is history.

We danced the night away and then stayed, complements of our children, in the same hotel, directly across the hall. A first. The kids thought the bounding back and forth to be great. Knock, knock. "Is that you again???" Giggle. What fun.

On Sunday, we arose to brilliant Fall sunshine and cerulean skies. We moseyed on home, with all of us stopping at Trader's and then for lunch. When we finally parted ways, Hunter was a tad sad. I reassured him that we'd see each other again, very soon. There is a Hot Shoppe right before the thruway fork that takes us in respective directions. We made a pit stop. Out of the restroom came I, to be greeted jubilantly, "GRANDMA!" Ah, another hugging reunion. "See! I told you we'd see each other soon!" Hunter roared with laughter. :-)
Home, sweet home was intact and welcoming... such a good place to reflect on newly crafted, happy memories. Congratulations, Yvonne and Todd. We wish you boundless love. It was an honor to have shared your beautiful moment in time.