Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Duped - A Recipe

There is someone with whom I share my life who would starve, before eating a plate of unadulterated "this". It's tough getting those veggies into the "kids". Well, we couldn't wait to have that (link) new meatball (you must try them!) and cappellini dish again. So... 

On All Hallows Eve, I double-batched it in the super-duper crock pot. Trick-or-treating goblins taste-tested, for me; and at dinnertime, I plain-sauced Joe's pasta. After veggie-saucing my own, lots of thick, veggie-laden tomato base remained.

Magic!! Gotta luv that immersion blender. I tossed with cooked short pasta and half 'n' half, topped with home-seasoned Mahi Mahi steaks, bread-crumbed the dish and spritzed with EVOO. Here, it's ready to pop into the oven for about 40 minutes at 350. A delicious second night that Joe truly enjoyed and second-requested.

An option: Make soup with the puréed base. Thin with chicken broth and add a pre-cooked choice of rice, pasta, barley or quinoa.

Buon Appetito.