Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Penn and Paterno Power Plays

This mother of precious sons trusted NO ONE, when our boys were growing up, until credentials and intentions were endlessly scrutinized. And still, we WATCHED. At one point, we rightfully suspected a high school teacher/adviser of criminal wrongdoing. A lot of damage was done to young members of the community, before our cause gathered steam and action was taken. Parents are easily snowed, when they think their kids are getting extra attention from those deemed "important". What a bunch of BS... our kids need to be loomed over constantly, in order to protect them against the ever-growing varieties of harm that might come their way... the makings of nightmares.

HOW can something like this go on for so long at Penn State, with so many KNOWING and nothing being done to stop it? Fifteen years and eight (maybe) boys/families. Too much damage done. But now, it is clearly time to shake up the system and bring 'em down. 

Color Me Freakin' Maddened and Saddened.