Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today With Love To All ♡

The utter simplicity of this bread never ceases to amaze me. Flour, water, yeast and salt, growing and bubbling together to ultimately bake into something delicious, as it fills a home with the most desirable aromas imaginable. Granted, its nutritional value is negligible, unless you consider it food for the soul, as do I.
It is crushing to think of all the hungry in America - in the World. How can a child whose tummy is growling in pain find beauty in a rose or a sunset? The simple things in life. I hold those who hurt in my heart, today and always, as I cherish our own Babes - growing fast, bubbling with glee and filling our hearts with delicious, delirious love. Food for the soul.

It is with enormous gratitude that I look forward to sharing our day with blended family, as memories of missing loved ones and holidays gone by flutter about in my mind... a beautiful tradition, set aside as a reminder to...

Give Thanks.