Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Venison #1 - Sliders

When we were pregnant with Brian, we found ourselves traveling behind a chicken truck for many, many miles. I didn't touch poultry for several years, after that experience. This sums up my on again-off again relationship with most meats, especially venison. I'm okay with it, this year. Don't ask why. There is no rationalization here, except to say that I didn't physically see Bucky. Since I'm the resident chef, I generally make the decision: Do we turn the big freezer on, or not? I did "allow" Joe to have his victim butchered (for us), this year. My instructions were explicit, as to how....

Venison is extremely lean, with only 180 calories in 4 ounces of meat. Its health benefits are excellent and can be perused here. Many butchers add a boatload of fatty pork or beef to ground product, nullifying all the good. I totally nixed that, requesting a lot of pure, unadulterated chopped meat, as well as the best-of steaks and just a couple roasts, something I've not had tremendous luck with, in the past. First meal, tonight... oven-baked sliders from a darker, select cut (please see linked article).

Nothing really too new in technique, here. In a large baggie, I blended together a pound of meat, an egg, 2 wedges of Laughing Cow Light, a small hit of EVOO, parsley, pepper, and my very own breadcrumbs, processed with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh garlic. I formed into large balls, rolled in more crumbs and pressed slightly to form sliders, after they were in the pan. I smothered with onions and carrots, added cooking spray, paprika, pepper and garlic powder. 

Bri, if you're reading, I popped them into a 500-degree oven to sear for about 10 minutes and then lowered to 350 for about another 25 minutes (medium rare). Juicy! Your camp chef knows his stuff; we need more of his big-game hints. Oh, and Bri, regarding how time flies ("...halfway to 18..."), check out the date on the mugs you and Christian gifted us, many Christmas moons ago.
Venison #1 was successful and easy, especially using a throwaway pan. It's that non-stop time of year, when every waking second counts... we needed some iron.

Buon Appetito.