Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We were long overdue to shuffle off to Buffalo, our last plan thwarted by none other than the flu. C 'n' D's anniversary "gift of nights" certainly inspired us to make up for lost time. Thanks so much, Children. What a beautiful place to stay!! 

After a bit of waffling over which weekend to travel, our choice of the one past afforded us several consecutive days of magnificent fall warmth and sunshine, with an hour gained, thanks to daylight savings. Many miles of farmland sparkled under painted skies.
Nicole worked her way home, a fact that thrilled us to no end. We visited adorable Maddy at work, and waited for her stint to end, so that she could join us for an outing. Good ole Dale knows all the haunts and took us to a lakeside restaurant that he recently discovered. Yummy cuisine and company. 
It seems that none of us ingested quite enough beach, last summer. So, in between far too many meals, we enjoyed the vast beauty of Lake Erie. We are totally compatible relatives-friends, in our desire to craft stories about nothing, à la Seinfeld, in settings that include sun, sand and surf.
Sunsets over that big body of water glisten intensely. How cool to witness it and then turn to see the moon rising... a constant source of intrigue. 
A quick stop at our eighth-floor suite allowed us to enjoy the last glimmer of orange over the lake, before heading to 2424 for Bonnie's lasagna and the girls' tiramisu and apple pie. 

On the way home, we captured Old Sol yet again, this time settling in over the mountaintops. Yep, a change of terrain told us that Monti was fast approaching. We had a great time and made more memories to cherish... till the next visit, that is! Here's to Cool Cousins.