Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So, my guy Josh Krajcik is the only one who really got the rock 'n' roll genre right with "The Pretender". He did the Foo Fighters proud in clearly winning the night, though the distracting glare of overdone stage lights drove me a tad nuts. I've gotta say, too, that Astro won my heart, tonight. Fifteen. Where does his confidence and poise come from? Fantastic kid. I'm in love. Who is going home? There are two acts that the show can move on without - we shall see which one leaves. Paula just might be left jobless.

11/17  Addendum - Ah, I was fooled. Fifteen is what it is, for young boys. I remember well those years so tender, when the boys were growing up. Astro nearly crumbled under the pressure of almost being sent home. He was saved by the judges, but only after receiving a much deserved lesson in humility and gratitude. He'll be okay. Meanwhile, Paula's team is in for another week. The right girl went home. Josh is singin' strong.