Friday, March 8, 2013

Before 'n' After

Any mother of sons, upon reflecting on life's favorite moments, will surely mention those times when her boys presented her with flowers. Even dandelions. :-) Or maybe special rocks from a garden, albeit the neighbor's. Ah, treasures all. And thus, this old ink sketch, circa 1923 by one Ehrman Zui, shall forever bring smiles to my face.

It has hung here at the Old Homestead since we purchased it at auction, about ten or so years ago. Yesterday, I gave it a bit of a facelift, in keeping with all the other updates we've done around the mansion. Do those paint colors look familiar?

And speaking of updates, there was another, yesterday...

I'm always humored, upon changing the great-room carpeting, to find Christian's note, artistically created during our the Great Kitchen Renovation of 1987.

Approval all around, as our current youngster tests his new bed.

Ah, why don't ya just me... this ol' house harbors so much lovin'.
I stand firmly by my decision!