Friday, March 29, 2013

Sugar To The Rescue

Circa 2012
You're probably thinking, "Ah, they're indulging in the Easter candy currently lurking in the house," but that's not quite the story. You see, Joe contracted pneumonia. Humph. As though he didn't have enough problems. We're pretty sure the bug took hold in the doctor's waiting room, an issue for another day. He's on the mend... again... but it isn't pretty. Back to Sugar...

Thanks, June!

Plans to have Aubs and Gav do a repeat of (link) last year's pre-Easter sleepover were thwarted. We really had a blast preparing JANG'S for the 2012 holiday brunch. Our Aubs came to the rescue, working solo at home to craft a new sign for this year's event. Here she is in a photo messaged by our "pre-teen" (as she likes to call herself at the age of 10) to my iPhone and taken by her other G'ma, whom we thank. 
How precious our budding artist... and so danged sweet... 

My Sugar

Meanwhile, back at the Old Homestead, I colored a few eggs, carelessly placing them on paper towels to dry. I like the resulting tie-dye more than the eggs. Wonder if a repeat is possible, when the kids are here???
New Technique?