Saturday, March 2, 2013

Crumb-y Chicken and Pasta

Pasta with oil, garlic and breadcrumbs... such a simple and magnificent dish to begin with, but it just reached a new degree of easy...
After baking breaded chicken, remove to serving platter, add more garlic and EVOO to pan and sauté with leftover crumbs, on stove top. Add cooked pasta and freshly ground pepper. Give it a stir, a sprinkling of parsley flakes and plate. 

This works with any kind of breading, including cornflake crumbs.
Short pasta is my preference for this dish.
Whenever cooking pasta, remember to take some of that starchy, boiling water from the pot, just in case you need a liquid-y stretch in final dish. This works especially well for oil-based sauces, reducing the calories by boatloads without diminishing flavor.

Buon Appetito!