Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snagged - Hook, Line 'n' Sinker

How cute is Isis Crawley?
Everyone... EVERYone... is chatting up "Downton Abbey". My cousin was a step away from mourning the conclusion of Season 3. Thing is, I kept meaning to watch, but some catching up was necessary.... something I just never got around to. But that has changed. I bit the bullet and purchased Season 1 for $10.00 on iTunes. What a bargain for a new addiction. :-) I'm hooked. Thing is...

My pals can now be envious of all those episodes to anticipate... sequentially and at my leisure. Two at a time? An afternoon's worth? Hey, we're having a blizzard, tomorrow. I can't help but think of Paul...

Christian's undergrad friend/roommate turned us on to "Seinfeld", a few moons ago, commenting at the time, "I'm jealous, 'cause now you have all those shows to watch for the first time."

Bring it on!