Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"What can you craft from this?" asked my neighbor.

Crafters think alike. Period. So, when Auntie Peaches recently clarified her age to faithful readers, I was amused by the image she thought herself to possibly be correcting. Ahem. 33 was a very good year. Blink. 66 and still, "What CAN I craft from this?" remains the question. 
An old (pun intended) case in point:

Sneak Preview - Lyla's
When the boys were quite young, a neighbor handed over a rather short length of white rope, challenging us to create something. I took one look at that hunk-a-nothing and suggested that B and C shape, glue and decorate a spiral Frosty. It turned out adorable and was immediately re-gifted. :-) Enter technique...

Auntie recently made some wild 'n' wacky hearts for Valentine's Day, simply using Elmer's glue, red yarn and good ol' free-stylin'. I had a fleeting thought and a senior moment, upon observing them. WHAT had I previously done, using a similar method? Back to the future... y'all know I've been busy as a rabbit, crocheting five Easter baskets for our GrandLoves. Hmmm, not quite what I was trying to grasp. And then it happened...
Carefully wrapped and tucked away in Mom's closet was my basket creation... vintage grass and all. YES! Memories are made of this. Elmer's-drenched crochet cotton was randomly shaped over a balloon. When all was firm and dry, POP went the armature, leaving behind this pretty web to then decorate and gift to Mom. It's held up well, I'd say, and incredibly, it's right in vogue with the popular colors of this Spring.

For Mom. Thank you for treasuring my little gifts. Not everyone appreciates crafty lovin'.