Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fish Sauté with Garlic, Ginger and Scallions

Photo update... with halibut
A few moons ago, the Canton Restaurant was a Monti landmark. The lovely waitress, Ann, loved to see us walk in. She knew I'd order the fresh fish-of-the-day, pan sautéed, but minus the head. I didn't want to look at eyes! After serving us, she'd head to an empty table to enjoy the "delicacy". 
Ooh-kay, moving along...

It does not get simpler or more delicious than this method of cooking fish. This past week, we had swordfish steaks... but anything goes:

Sliver or chop lots of fresh garlic and ginger to sauté a bit in a small amount of the oil of your choice. Add fish and scallions, being quick to turn fish, time depending on its thickness. When cooked, sprinkle fish with fresh lemon and pepper, plate and garnish with scallions...

Quickly add cooked pasta, rice, quinoa, barley... whatever you like... to pan and give it a stir for an amazing side. Veggies can accompany the dish or be added in the second phase. Don't forget that saved pasta water (post below), if your sauce needs extra liquid.

Buon Appetito!