Thursday, March 21, 2013

LIM - Spring-Green Pesto

Less is clearly more, as judged by the color and taste of this pesto. No need to wait for basil or to use salty, fatty grated parmesan cheese, 'cause...

 Spring has sprung at the farm-stand! Today's fare included gorgeous green parsley and salt-free, low-fat farmer cheese. I washed and stemmed the entire bunch of greens and tossed into the Cuisinart with about a half cup of pine nuts (toast 'em for extra flavor) and a few ounces of the less-is-more cheese. After a hit of lemon juice and pepper, I began to process the ingredients, slowly drizzling in about a quarter cup EVOO. Roasted garlic would be great in this, as well. 
The consistency is perfect for just about anything, such as a topper on tonight's salmon or a whirl with some pasta... that is if we can resist spreading it on crudités and devouring as an appetizer.

Buon Appetito!