Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Cusp Of Spring Interrupted

So, Hello Again. It has been a roller-coaster ride of emotional events this past week, all beginning with The Great American Mattress 'n' Bed Exchange, last Wednesday morning. Early on, Joe set up the new platform bed, after which Macy's arrived with what is hopefully a non-toxic mattress. Yes, it's true - formaldehyde left the building, that a.m. 

We plowed through what was a very busy day for each of us. Joe had tasks to accomplish at the lake, before the new tenant arrived. I manned the ranch and a variety of jobs. We hooked up again mid-afternoon, hung a few new canvas prints and admired our boudoir, anxious to hit the proverbial sack at the end of a long day. It wasn't meant to be...

Dinner was delicious - sautéed fish in ginger, garlic and scallions. And then it began... a round of chest pains. What he'd neglected to tell me was that while at the lake house, he experienced pressure that forced him off a ladder... that was at 2:00 p.m.

By 8:30 p.m., I'd called 911 and the love of my life was being tended to in our driveway by FD rescue workers, as we anxiously watched for the ambulance to arrive. Brian was about a 45-minute drive away and headed to the hospital, but not before he called Christian, who met us there sometime in the middle of the night. Joe was stabilized and brought to a cardiac facility, where we waited out his scary procedure, during which he was the recipient of four stents. Thank G-d he did well; we were home by Saturday evening... but he'd suffered a major event that lasted a long time.

All are amazed by the fact that Joe just doesn't "look like" a candidate for this. He is a super stud with endless energy; very physical and in great shape; doesn't smoke or drink; has excellent blood pressure and decent cholesterol levels; is not an ounce overweight. It's nothing for him to shovel our house, plus two or three others, after a storm. He hauled countless, heavy boxes during multiple projects here and at the lake. He skied the challenging Hunter, just last week. All good and quite typical. But the gene pool remains, with its inclusion of heart issues. Although there are no restrictions in getting back to his "normal", we'll need to pay serious attention to warning symptoms, forever.

Life sure can change on a dime, but we Spring forward, recognizing that nothing is a given... and ever so grateful for having come through this intact and able to enjoy the fruits of our laborious winter... together.

Giving Ginormous Thanks