Friday, March 8, 2013

Necessity Is The Mother Of...

Ah, yes, we've all heard it repeatedly: Necessity is the mother of invention. Soooo, when left with some rough areas in the rather vast, newly-stripped-of-half-paneling-and-painted upstairs hallway, the old wheels began a-turnin'. What to do? 
Personalized wallpaper border. Self-stick. Decided to use an absolute favorite photo from our last Cape trip... just can't get enough of those fabulous sunsets. A Google search led me to many frustrating websites, but patience ultimately revealed (link) AtomPrints. 
Herein lies the highest of recommendations:

 An actual courteous human being returns phone calls 
Bomb-proof packaging precedes prompt shipping 
Clear instructions... Fair pricing 
Gorgeous work

Thing is, when we are sick of bold and want to switch to a softer look of pale yellow flowers (??), it shall be easy as pie and quickly doable/affordable. Thanks, Atom.