Sunday, March 10, 2013


YIPPEE! On this first day of DST, we should see sunlight till seven p.m. I'll take it. It's time for our world to change color. Agreed? But not before we wash away some of that saturated white stuff. Who better to do it than Gavin, with his brute strength?! We didn't ask, mind you... he just grabbed his Sis and a couple shovels. Together, they tackled the deck, yesterday at the lake. Then, he single-handedly shoveled a path for Aubs, so she'd not have to plow through deep stuff, as they checked out the ice fisherman in the waning days of that somewhat crazy sport.

"How many fish did you catch?" queried Gav.
"Three!" was the booming response.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I spray-painted some snow branches. They accent the yellow coffee-filter flowers, whipped up a few days ago. Still, a finishing touch seemed necessary - centers. Pompoms are so fun to make. 

Oh, I forgot to clarify:
Daylight Savings Time = Transition Time

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