Friday, April 26, 2013

Cute Movie

"The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" came recommended by a friend, whom I thank. 
It's a relaxing, sweet movie (**if you want it to be**), especially apropos if one is in serious "Downton Abbey" withdrawal and simply cannot get enough of Maggie Smith and a few others. :-) Or...

(1) If thoughts of one's golden years seem threatening, it speaks to power of suggestion for alternate thinking. 

(2) If youthful rebellion or young love are issues at hand, it delivers strong doses of differing opinions/goals/solutions from mother and son. 

(3) If ideas of travel to chaotic India are lingering in your gray matter, it portrays the ropes of reality with some clarity.

But then, you might be especially analytical and find yourself thinking about the **different ways a person can find themselves enslaved,** with life slipping by and desires unmet. Keep me posted on your interpretations, please...

But not to worry, 'cause there's lots of British humor to lighten up your thoughts. Cheers!