Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Stopping Prime Time on Old Cape Cod 
While perusing hundreds of photos to score perfection for our "new" walls, I came across this favorite. It was taken during an off-season trip to the Cape, in October of 2010. We were looking at homes for sale on (link) Ocean Drive in Wellfleet, when we happened upon the perfect house with the not-so-perfect price tag and the better-than-perfect view. From high above other rooftops, we admired the sun, as it blazed its way through dense clouds, glistening on waters below and gifting me an exquisite silhouette.

Circa 2009
Time Flies!

This capture brings Cousin Nicole to mind. We've shared many a beach and photo op, on old Cape Cod. While I generally seek the brightest of sunrises and sets, Nic loves cloud-ridden stills. In her book, Old Sol is for the two S's - sleeping and sunbathing, as she dreams of encountering Jaws, up close and personal. But then, when dark and gnarly comes a-rolling in, it's time to snap a Kodak or two - with or without the big monster shark.

For the record, (link) AtomPrints did this enlargement for me. They will do any odd size you might require. Y'all might recall the wallpaper border I recently installed, also printed from a favorite Cape shot.

Here's to whatever floats your proverbial boat... beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder. 
Clearly, though, we can agree on the loveliness of Nicole!